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Brazilian Alert!


Cristal is in town! Brazilian Bombshell available for two weeks only! Sex in Sydney at Stiletto Brothel!

Threesome at Stiletto Brothel


Are you looking for Trouble? Then you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy Double Trouble at Stiletto. Heighten the intensity of your Stiletto experience by seeing two hot seductresses at the same time. Feel the thrills and chills of twenty hot fingers roaming all over you at once. Imagine a body slide with four soft, warm breasts pressing into you and slipping and sliding all over you. That should get the ball rolling. Just try containing yourself when two tongues are licking you and try not scream when two mouths start sucking you. Let the excitement take hold of you as two bodies do their thing to you. Double Trouble- available everyday at Stiletto. Or why not really spoil yourself with a Triple Treat? 30 fingers…WARNING- If you suffer from a heart condition this is not advised. Please consult with your GP first.

World Cup


The World Cup starts in Brazil today. I am sure most of you men would love to be there for the excitement, the sport, the food, the women. If you can’t make it to the World Cup this year there is no need to miss out on the hot Latino women. Here at Stiletto we have plenty of sexy South American girls who look just amazing in those little itsy bitsy Brazilian bikinis, and even more amazing out of them.

Double Trouble


I just wanted to drop a note to thank the girls for giving me a wonderful start to my long weekend. I came in at 9am and the only girls on the roster were Phoebe and Kate. I had not planned to come in for a double but after meeting both ladies I could not pick so decided to treat myself. And what a treat this turned out to be! The combination of these two ladies together is an experience I will never forget. Please pass on my thanks and let them know I will be back for round two.

Extreme Adventure Down Under


Calling all adrenaline junkies! Climb on board for Extreme Sports at Stiletto. Aussie men have always been the biggest daredevils on the planet. Their sexy, reckless, thrill seeking machismo attitude is the envy of men the world over. No matter what your preference, be it bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, ice climbing frozen waterfalls, freshwater cave diving or downhill mountain biking, we guarantee you won’t have had a wilder ride than the one you are going to have at Stiletto. The girls at Stiletto can fulfill your adventure lust even more than volcano boarding, which involves zooming down the face of an active volcano. Imagine that! So grab your safety helmet and head on in to Stiletto for the most incredible rush of your life. Hold on tight!

Beautiful Barbara


Please pass along my thanks to Barbara for an AMAZING night. It was the best time ever. She is such a star, funny, clever, creative, passionate, sexy SEXY!!! And thanks too to you for setting it up.

Hope to be back to the mind blowing Stiletto ASAP .

All the best.

Fabulous Phoebe.


Hi Renae.
Thank you for all your help and patience.
It is greatly appreciated, Phoebe is a wonderful lady
I had a wonderful time Tuesday night, pity it was so brief.
now the planning begins for the next visit.
Thanks again to you Pricilla and the sensational team
at Stiletto.

Warmest Regards

Brazilian Barbara


Hi Renae.
I saw Barbara Thursday night — and she was amazing! Thanks for helping set up my session and matching me with her. She put in lots of thought and on the night she blew my mind!
Can you pass on my thanks please?
I do hope to see her again … as soon as humanly possible.
Another solid gold Stiletto success!

Busty Brooke


Hi to whom it may concern I was in yesterday afternoon I booked Brooke and straight away knew I picked the right one she was stunning and loved her British voice and what a body and great service will be back again thanks


Magnificent Molly


To whom it may concern,

I was at Stiletto’s this afternoon and saw Molly, and just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to her. Her service was excellent she is a lovely lady.

Please pass on my gratitude.


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